Sportsbook Ratings

Here at USA Bookmakers, we do a lot of the work for you when it comes to choosing an online sportsbook. While betting online is a straightforward process for most bettors, especially those experienced with different betting markets, choosing a sportsbook is an entire different process.

Without doing proper research, bettors could end up depositing at a sportsbook that has a poor history with players, terrible odds or worst of all, one that is broke and slow-paying or no-paying bettors their balances. While the vast majority of US-facing bookmakers are strong options for sports gamblers, there are a number of rogue betting sites that should be avoided at all costs.

We’ve compiled a rating system to rate US facing betting sites that use strict criteria. These range from betting options, company history, withdrawal speeds and other factors. It is absolutely critical to do your own research before depositing into an online sportsbook. Our ratings are regularly updated and accurate, but it is always best to check for any news or updates on the offshore industry before making a decision on where to bet at online.

Company History

Track record and history, especially in the US market, means everything. While new sportsbooks may pop up and have the best intentions, too many seem to fail for us to recommend them immediately. Even those that are seemingly “succeeding” are simply just mush riskier to bettors versus those have been in the industry for an extended number of years. Many bookmakers servicing US players have been in the industry for over 10 years with a long record of excellent service and timely withdrawals.

These old-time sportsbooks essentially always have a leg up on newer outfits, even if their odds and bonuses are less enticing to bettors. We just can’t rate a sportsbook that is under two years old higher than a C rating, because of the number of these newer books that have gone bust over recent years. Online sports betting is a lucrative business, especially in the United States. It attracts all kinds of people trying to make a quick buck, many of which are inexperienced or worse, simply out to scam and mislead bettors from the get go.


Some online bookmakers have much more competitive odds than others. Many books are quick to move their lines while others may take longer to adjust to a market move. Reduced juice is available at some, while some stretch their house edge as far as they can without running off potential clients. There can be a sizable difference in the average percentage a book has against players; -110 is charged on most straight bets such as those against the spread, but the juice is often higher on other markets. Parlay, teasers, and prop bets are all taken into consideration, along with the vig on future wagers and money line betting.

Betting Markets

The number of betting markets a book has is also a crucial factor when picking a sportsbook. What are their prop betting markets like? Do they offer extensive betting on international markets as well as US sports? How are their live betting options? In some ways markets can be everything, because if you sign up looking to bet a particular sport or type of bet and it is not available, then you have shot yourself in the foot. There can be a vast difference of available markets between each sportsbook and we’re here to break them down for bettors.

Deposits and Withdrawals

While deposit options are similar across all US-facing bookies, there are some unique deposit methods that certain books may offer that others do not. We give players a rundown of the available options at each site.

However, the variation in deposit options is nothing compared to withdrawals. While most bookmakers offer similar options, the amount of time it takes for a sportsbook to process withdrawals and pay players can vary wildly from place to place.

While most get customers their money in a few days or one to two weeks, others take weeks or even months to process withdrawals. The latter is unacceptable, even in the much maligned US sports betting market. Of course, everyone understands things can happen that slow down the process, but it should not take any longer than two months to pay a player. The cost of withdrawing also varies greatly from site to site and this is also incorporated into our sportsbook ratings. That said, we focus heavily on withdrawal times as it is one of the most crucial factors when choosing where to bet online.

Customer Support

The support or customer service staff is another decisive factor. Every sportsbook has a support team, but how helpful they are to bettors is certainly up for discussion. While most bettors might consider support an afterthought, they only realize after running into problems that it is an essential consideration.

These are the people you’re going to be dealing with if you have any problems depositing and withdrawing, along with disputes you may have with betting tickets. Furthermore, response time of the staff can be critical if you have a time sensitive issue. Regardless of the content of your ticket, no one wants to wait around a week for a response from support.

Generally support is excellent across the board, and most sites offer 24/7 support all year long. Many operators feature live chat, in addition to email and phone support. We’ll break down the options for players in our reviews, along with estimated response times.

Recreational vs. Professional

The amount a bettor wagers should also influence the book they choose. Some betting sites are undoubtedly geared more towards recreational bettors and those that bet less than $1,000 per wager. They even shade their lines toward public favorites and are quite quick to limit bettors who start beating them regularly. Others are happy to accept larger bets and will not limit players who have reasonable success against them. If you’re betting several thousand dollars or more per game, you need to choose a book that allows you to bet big.

Our Ratings are a Guide

While our ratings are honest, reliable and regularly updated, we have to stress to bettors that they should also do their own independent research before depositing. It only takes a few minutes to read feedback from players and to search for any recent news or updates related to your prospective online sportsbook.