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Not quite a diamond in the rough, but definitely a viable betting option is the modern looking site. Fixing a few small leaks in their offering will see this book rise to the top ranks, but for now it is a good to very good option.
As a man that likes his bonuses I was excited to see I had a choice between the multitudes of promotions offered. When it I saw the free ½ point offer on all football and basketball spreads, I instantly clicked register.

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We really get the full gamut of sportsbetting sites in our review department. Over the years we have seen the good, the bad, and the really ugly. Sometimes though, we are treated to a sportsbetting site that falls in the middle of the categories. Sites like these are decent enough, but lack a few of the key features that keep those sites from being elite.

Skybook is one such site.

In order to spare you a lot of the rigamarole we will tell you that Skybook is a good online sportsbook, but does lack a few features that keep it from being truly elite. Want the details? Read on to learn more.

Endearing… In An Interesting Sort Of Way

We made our way over to the Skybook site in order to get ourself situated with the site, its registration process, and its betting options. We were met with a somewhat simple looking site that served up some interesting looking bonuses.

We found that registration was a snap, and we had our account created in less than two minutes. We did get a few annoying phone calls from overeager book reps, who wanted us to get a little more money into our accounts there.

After registering and depositing, we made our way over to the sportsbetting menu. The sports we found available in the live lines action menu included: Football, College Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, MMA, Golf, Motor Sports, Tennis, Soccer, Cricket, and Props.

We found the betting system to be very smooth and much better than a lot of the other books we have recently taken a look at.

Bet types available at Skybook were also quite numerous, which impressed us. We found the following bet types available: Straight Bets, Point Spreads, Money Line Wagers, Total Wagers, Props, Round Robins, Teasers, Specials, If Wagers, Half Time, and Quarter Time.

Those are some truly great bet types, and give the punter even more options in one specific game.

Those looking for other action will be happy to know that Skybook includes both a casino and live dealer casino offering. We were not impressed with what we saw at the standard casino as we found the games dated and boring, but the live dealer offering was much better.

We really liked the games that were live dealt, such as the blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. For those of you who don’t know, live dealer casino games have a lovely lady on webcam who scans cards on a barcode reader and deals them out like a standard casino. The games are a lot of fun and we actually prefer them to the boring Indian casinos in our neck of the woods.

Painful Mobile

One thing that we REALLY didn’t like was Skybook’s mobile offering. We found the software ugly, and our fat fingers kept popping through menus that we did not feel comfortable making a bet on the product. We actually felt that we could place mis-bets, and that is an indication that we need to just stay away.

Keep with the desktop version. It is much better.

Excellent Bonuses

We really dug the bonuses that we found at Skybook. We were instantly drawn in by the main page’s NFL early bird bonuses, and the free play percentage boosts are really good. You have the option of choosing from between a 30%, 50%, 75%, and 100% boost in your deposits.

This allows you to choose what you want, while keeping in mind that rollover increases as your bonus percentage does as well.

Overall we are very impressed with what we saw with the bonus system. How does the banking system hold up, though?

A Plethora of Financial Options

When we see that a site offers action to American players, we instantly know that financial options will likely be limited. While the banking options at Skybook are indeed somewhat limited, they are still impressive for a US friendly book.

We found deposit options at Skybook to include: Skrill, Visa, Neteller, Person to Person, Check, and Bank Wire. We always deposit via Visa, and we found out that our deposit was instantly credited, as was our bonus.

Withdrawal wise, we ended up requesting a check, which is one of the options available for getting money out of the book. We ended up getting a check in 16 days, which isn’t too bad, but also isn’t setting the pace for speed either. We think that the other options such ask Skrill, and Person to Person would be faster, but we wanted to see just how Skybook handled something that is a little more labor intensive.

Customer service is also very good here, and we were very impressed about the standard call that we normally place when testing a book. We used the instant messaging function to inquire about the bonus terms, and were met with a friendly staff who actually answered our question and got us back to wagering very quickly. While we always probe to see if we can get some extra credits, this unfortunately did not happen here, but the staff was still friendly nonetheless.


Overall we feel that Skybook is a good book that has just enough small things that keep it from being great. If Skybook is able to remedy its mobile site and add a few more banking options with better payout speed, then this site would definitely be near the top of our list.

Overall: B+

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