Sportsbook Com (at the URL is a relatively popular sportsbook. In addition to betting they also give players the opportunity to play casino and poker games.

Truth be told, I was shocked when I first learned about’s scams. That’s saying something considering I’ve been writing about online gaming for the last 10 years. From what I’ve seen they’ve always had high marks, as well as awards like, Best US Sportsbook, given to them by eGaming in 2005 and 2006.

However, due to the complaints about slow payments and terminated accounts, I have to agree with the more legit review portals that rate a D or D-. They’re definitely a book to be avoided at all costs, if you care at all about your money.

Jazette – The Best Worst A Bettor Can Get? is owned by Jazette Enterprises (not to be confused with fellow scammers Jazz Sports). Jazette bought from Sportingbet for $1, following the passing of the UIGEA in 2006.

p>They have run a number of different scam jobs over the years. Some of them were terms and conditions technicalities, while others were outright theft. [1] For example, there was an instance where a blackjack player was playing $25 and $75 hands. He ran his balance up to more than $30k, requested a withdrawal and was told that it would take 6-8 weeks to receive his check. He later returned to his account to find it closed. When he contacted support he was told that when reviewed his account, they came to the conclusion that he was counting cards. And counting cards was against their terms and conditions.

Except that it wasn’t. At least not when the player was accused of doing it.

What did was go back and edit their terms and conditions. But you could go back into Google, view their cache and see that their original terms and conditions said nothing about counting cards.

They used their terms and conditions for bonus offers, too. If a player appeared to be taking advantage of a bonus offer or happened to win a lot of money, would launch and investigation, pause their account and take days/weeks/months to review it. At the end they would often void the winnings altogether, saying that the player broke the rules.

Here’s yet another example. An employee at Sportsbook went through and removed dozens of winning (correlated) parlay bets. A minimum of 31 accounts were affected for a total of $280,000 stolen, although it’s been said that the amount is more likely over $1 million. Players felt this was outright theft because sportsbooks’ software is supposed to block correlated bets. Since these bets were accepted, and completed, they felt they should be honored. [2]

How Did they Get Away with it?

Technicalities. abused their terms and conditions. Think of it like someone owning a restaurant with the rule that they can refuse service at any time, at their discretion. When they decide to refuse service, no one can argue with them, even though their opinion and reasoning for doing so is subjective. It’s the same idea here. can kick anyone out because that’s what you agree to when you sign up.

Other than that, they used your typical stall tactics to avoid or delay in paying players.

The best thing players can do in this situation is to leave and go to another sportsbook. Use our reviews to find the top picks. But even then you should ask your peers/friends who they place wagers with. No matter what you do, don’t take any one person or website’s recommendation at face value. Do your research. At the end of the day, no one will take responsibility for where you play, let alone get ripped off from. So you have to.

Are they still operating and do they have any other sites?

Yes. They operate at

You’ll find their parent company (Jazette) and software behind other sites and sportsbooks. For example, Carbon Sports (sister site to Carbon Poker on the Merge Network) uses the white label software from the group.

There are many other sites, too. Here is a list of Jazette portals we recommend avoiding (if they’re still in business).

  • 24CaratSportsbook
  • 52Bet
  • A1Casino
  • ABCsportsbook
  • AllBetsPlacedHere
  • AllHorseRacing
  • AllProSportsbook
  • AllStar
  • AmericanWagers
  • AtHomeSportsbook
  • AztecGaming
  • Belmont
  • BetInVegas
  • BetUSA
  • BubbasCasino
  • ClubVipCasino
  • EastCoastGamingClub
  • ESPNsportsbook
  • EuroSportWetten
  • FieldGoal
  • GlobalSportsNetwork
  • GoHorseBetting
  • Hollywood
  • HorseBetting
  • House-of-Gambling
  • InterChamps
  • Iwager
  • JackPotPlusCasino
  • KingPin
  • Linesmaker
  • MySportsbook
  • Parier
  • PlaceMyBet
  • PlayByPlay
  • PlayersOnly
  • PlayItAgain
  • ProBets
  • PyramidSportswager
  • Racebook
  • RoyalFlush
  • SB28
  • ScoreOnSports
  • SportFanatik
  • SportingBetUSA
  • SportingParlor
  • Sportsbetting
  • Sportsbooks
  • SportsWager
  • SuperBook
  • SuperSportsbook
  • SuperUsaCasino
  • TakaraCasino
  • TheBestBet
  • VipSportsbookPlayers
  • WagerTonight
  • WallStreetBets
  • Win4Real


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