7Red Sports

7RedSports is different from other scam books in that, based on our research, they haven’t outright scammed their customers.

So what is 7RedSports guilty of?

Association. Lies. Covering for other scam books.

That’s enough for us to consider them a scam book, and encourage you to look elsewhere for your betting needs. Don’t be swayed by their fast talking managers, glossy website or promotions. Instead, take a couple of minutes to learn why you should avoid them.

No Real Names Or Faces

The major players are hard to determine. I wasn’t able to find any first and last names. And I’m not sure I’d be confident that any names I found would be real names anyway.

According to a previous employee though, Jon, the guy behind BetIslands, is apparently known as ‘Nick’ at EzStreet and 7Red. There has also been a poster by the name of 7RedFred that has posted in the forum at SBR.

Other than that, we know the company is located in Costa Rica. According to posters at SBR, EzStreet and 7Red share an office building, servers, staff, etc. It sounds as if they are the same company, but with a different name. [1]

That alone should set of the alarms for you. Even if 7Red wasn’t the same company, and not related in any way, you’d have to question their business ethics, acumen and common sense, when they’re willing to be associated with a poorly rated book like EzStreet.

7Red is now rated an F at SBR (for what their opinion is worth), which is a downgrade from the D rating they had in 2012.

No Real Scams, Just Guilty By Association

BetIslands and 7Red Sports Scam

There hasn’t been much in the way of complaints or reports about 7Red slow paying, no paying or ripping off customers. Instead, we feel they’re guilty by association. They’re connected with EzStreet, and were more or less a backup to BetIslands. So that’s the scam.

What’s worse is that they lied about it, too:

From 7RedFred:

7Red’s operations have no affiliation with BetIslands and has in no way been affected by their recently announced collapse.

As with many things related to BetIslands word of our merger by Jon was riddled with half-truths and grossly exaggerated. BetIslands and Jon approached us about a potential merger but as you can see he had no money to run his business let alone buy ours.

So did BetIslands.

From Jon at BetIslands:

As the owner and founder of BetIslands we do NOT have any relations or ties with any sportsbooks , SBR has confirmed this by meeting with ownership and visiting our facilities.

And SBR.

From Sportsbook Review (SBR) Justin7:

I know Jon, the owner of BetIslands… I’ve known him for several years. I assure you, BetIslands (and Jon) have nothing to do with those other books.[2]

My guess as to why 7Red (and everyone else) said they weren’t connected is so that they could create a disconnect between them and BetIslands, since BetIslands rose in the ranks quickly, all the while EzStreet and 7Red were sitting on D ratings. They didn’t want anyone to question the validity or financial motivations of BetIslands because they were connected to the other books.

However, SBR posters did their own research and found that, in fact, all parties were connected. You can see that they shared servers. More than that, though, you could call either one of the books (BetIslands, 7RedSports, EzStreetSports) and find yourself talking with a rep from one of the other bookmakers.

Ironically, BetIslands came out shortly before their closing and said that they bought out 7RedSports. That’s after spending the last year denying having anything to do with them.

Coincidence? Given everything else I think that’s a wobbly leg to stand on.

SBR and 7Red Helped BetIslands Steal $1.5Million

7Red helped BetIslands pull off their scam because they lied for them. They said they had nothing to do with them when they were associated with them. At the very least they shared the same office. How many players would sign up to BetIslands if they had known that?

Far less than the number of players that did. I’m sure we would be talking about a number stolen far less than the $1.5m BetIslands got away with.

SBR helped, too. They helped distance the two books, and then proceeded to talk BetIslands up. They claimed to go out to their office and ensure they had solid financial backing. SBR boosted the ratings for BetIslands, too, all the way to a B in less than a years time.

What really gets on my nerves, though, is that the owners and moderators had the nerve to not only not apologize for their ‘lapse in judgment,’ but had the audacity to tell their posters that they were/are adults, and the choices that they make in where to place bets are their own.

From Bill Dozer of SBR. [3]

Dark Horse, IMO time to man up take responsibility for the fact that you didn’t play at the safest sportsbook available to you.

There is only a small few making most of these posts. Most of the victims understand that they are adults who make their own decisions. They understand that a display ad does not make SBRforum their personal insurance company. They understand that all the folks who work on this site feel very badly for them.

It takes a lot of balls to say that, when you and all of your staff are talking up a sportsbook, only for them to crash and burn overnight.

Worse yet, reports later surfaced showing that SBR was financially motivated to push BetIslands to their users. There were more than 450 accounts totaling $1.5 million dollars, all of which were affiliate links connected to SBR. And according to Jon at BetIslands, SBR knew about their insolvency and still encouraged them to take deposits for as long as they could.

That’s not the first time SBR has done this either.

So what does that tell you? What can you learn from this?

First and foremost, run away from any sportsbook that lies about the simplest of things. I would be more lenient with 7Red if it wasn’t for them lying about their association with BetIslands. Furthermore, you can’t trust a bookmaker review portal like SBR, so long as they’re paid advertising from bookmakers. Every site that does is financially biased to some degree (even this one). How much so depends on the people running it, their morals, ethics, etc.

The bottom line – do your research, trust your gut instinct and maybe you can avoid these scam sportsbooks like 7RedSports.


[1]Additional Info On 7Red – SBR thread that discusses 7RedSports company setup.

[2]Associations Of 7Red -discussions of connections with EzStreet and BetIslands.

[3] Money Talks at SBR – tough questions for SBR about the supposed cut that SBR took to shill BetIslands, and Bill Dozers unapologetic response.