Mobile Betting Sites

bovada mobile appThe world isn’t moving toward mobile communications; it is there already. The idea of people accessing services such as gaming establishments isn’t the way of the future; it is very much the way of the “here” and “now.”

Customers are always on the go, and when they are limited to using a desktop or laptop computer, there is something very restricting about that. People these days have short attention spans and want convenience. The control is in the hands of the consumer; not the provider of service. And that is why any business that wants to cater to the audience that matters most has to have some way of making themselves accessible to those with mobile devices, whether that is through an “app” or with a mobile-ready site that is reached over internet connection in a smartphone or tablet (which is where the trend is moving now).

People have these devices with them 16-18 hours a day; in short, every hour they are awake. In fact, many people have eschewed their computer in favor of a mobile device that can do all the things they need.

Logic simply dictates that a business that exists for an online constituency generate more by being mobile savvy. Gambling is one of the great things that can adapt itself to a mobile platform, and that will continue to be a focal point, according to all responsible studies that have been done.

One of these studies that has been completed recently, by a company called Juniper Research, which is known to be on top of things in this arena, indicates that the entire mobile gambling industry will generate in excess of $100 billion by the year 2017. It is quite possible that the number will be much more than that when the time comes. Yes, mobile is a place where it is mandatory for gaming enterprises to be.

All progressive sportsbooks have made available a means by which customers can easily place wagers over smartphones and/or tablets. has its mobile service compatible with Android, Blackberry and iPhone, and includes the sportsbook, racebook and blackjack games, as well as video poker. As far as tablet betting is concerned, Bookmaker can be played with the iPad, Kindle, Galaxy, Playbook or others. There is no download required for any of this.

GTBets allows its customers to place sports bets using an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Nokia. Again, there is no download required; what happens is that when the sportsbook website is visited from a mobile device, customers are taken right to the mobile-optimized version.

Bovada has all of its wagering on sports available on mobile, as player can access it with their smartphone’s browser. This includes the live, in-play wagering on sporting events. It is iPhone 3 and up (iOS) and is Android-friendly.

One of the strong points about mobile sportsbooks is that they are more easily adaptable to the mobile platform than their casino counterparts. Yes they are database intensive, but they are not as graphics-intensive, and speed is not as important with the sports app as it is with casino games, so the processor in the mobile device is not as much of a factor. And while casinos heretofore have only made a small percentage of the overall menu of their offerings available, whether it is in slots or table games, sportsbooks can usually make their entire menu available, because the browser on the device can be used.