Live Betting Sites

The world of sportsbook betting has progressed well beyond the point where it is limited to wagering on sides and totals; past the exotic bets like parlays, teasers, reverses and round robins. It is way beyond halftime bets, quarter bets and money lines.

There is a tremendous demand for sports betting action. And folks who are most enthusiastic about it don’t want to be restricted to betting on something before the beginning of the game or the beginning of a half and sitting back and watching.

For those people there is something called “live betting,” “in-play betting” or “in-game betting.” And most online sportsbook that are serious about what they do will have it available as an option.

In some forward-thinking land-based sportsbooks, the action is fast and furious, because through certain devices that are available on site, customers can make bets before every pitch, every down, every possession in real-time, coordinated with the live telecast that they are watching, and with the algorithms calculated at lightning speed. It is possible for hundreds of bets to be made during the course of an evening this way.

It would probably be inaccurate to say that the online sportsbook experience in this regard is the same at all sites, although the options are most definitely there. But by and large, the difference between conventional and in-game live betting as roughly analogous to the difference between playing a regular game of chess and a game of speed chess. It is a different world.

The principle is the same as it works in a land-based sportsbook as the game is moving along the customer is confronted with a series of propositions that are good for the short term. These may take a number of different forms. At Bovada, for instance, sportsbook customers can wager on which team will score next in a televised football game. As each score is made, that result is noted, the event is crossed off and it is time to move on to the next wagering event.

Some sportsbooks are more aggressive than others. You may have the chance to bet on what the next at-bat in baseball is going to produce, for instance. So you might be confronted with a number of possible outcomes; there will be a price on a single, double, triple, homer, strikeout, walk, ground-out, etc.

Online sportsbooks like commercial breaks during games, because it allows them to post new props for in-play betting with some time for the customer to wager on it.

Actually, in-game live betting can be about any “event within an event.” It really just consists of a bunch of props. And the scope of such wagering is only limited by the imagination of the oddsmakers who offer it and the technology that is in place to implement it.

Almost all of the top online casinos offer live betting. In fact, the revenue that is generated from that activity is reported to be about 50% of all sportsbook revenue. Live bets are offered on any number of different sports, with soccer of course being one of the most popular. But there are an astounding number of live events available, and the lines, whether they are sides, totals or other kinds of propositions, change on a constant basis, depending on what is happening in real time.

Customers can even view live events that are streamed and bet on them. And even if a live stream is not offered, there is an event center that keeps track of the progress of each event.

What is great about live betting is that the possibilities are literally endless, and it leaves no room for any player to complain that there isn’t enough action; in point of fact, there is more action that any mere mortal can even handle.