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Instant Action Sports is a Costa Rican based outfit and opened its doors in 1997. They once received some bad press when they reneged on an overly attractive bonus promotion after loads of sharps took advantage of it. They have not has any major complains from players since this.
While IAS offer fresh lines and take bets on all major markets, one could be forgiven for thinking that the site has not been updated since their initial opening.

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Instant Action Sports Review

In my online sports betting career I have heard a lot about a lot of sites. It is often quite rare when one slips through the cracks. Instant Action Sports is a site that I would like to lie to you and say that I am familiar with, but I am not a liar. This site has completely evaded me, and maybe that is for the better.

I came into this review completely fresh and without a view on the site at all. Everything is neutral on my end. So how did this Costa Rica based book fare? Read on to find out.

Those Are Some Ugly Lines You Got There

When I first traveled over to Instant Action Sports’ website, I didn’t know exactly what I was looking at. The site appeared to be compressed and askew. I had to reload the site three different times to get it to appear somewhat readable on my browser. Thinking it was just a fluke on my Mac, I went upstairs and tried the site again on my Windows 7 laptop. Same problem. This must be some sort of design flaw on the site or something, but I was overall not very impressed with what I saw design wise.

Going to the meat and potatoes of the site, the sportsbook continued what would be a trend of ugliness for me. I found the lines to be very sloppy in their presentation, almost as if they were added to the site after being typed on Microsoft’s Notepad application. The all caps strained my eyes, and I really didn’t see much number wise that impressed me here.

Sports action offered on Instant Action Sports included: Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Auto Racing, Boxing, MMA, Cycling, Horse Racing, Rugby, Handball, and an assortment of Prop Bets.

I also was not a fan of the betting system here. Although it is better than the line layouts, it is still a somewhat ugly process, and I really didn’t want to use more time here than was necessary to get my bets in. I just had a sinking feeling that something was not right here.

If you are like me and wanted to escape the sports section, you can gamble in a live dealer casino or play some virtual Vegas games. While we liked the live dealer casino (it is the same one that many Latin American books use), we thought that the table and slot games at the virtual casino were frankly quite dated and hideous.

The live dealer is clearly the standout of this site, but if it is available for play at better sportsbooks, why would you stick around here to play?

Missing Mobile

As we noted above, we had a hard time getting the Instant Action Sports website to load properly on our web browser. The mobile site must have gotten the same message, because it literally took five tries for us to even get the darn thing to load on our phone. Connection surely wasn’t the issue, because we were using a 4G mobile connection that was able to browse other websites just perfectly.

I can’t tell you why the sites were having issues, but I can tell you that when the mobile site did load, it wasn’t anything special. Although it isn’t as generic as some other book mobile sites we have seen, the mobile version of Instant Action Sports isn’t very pretty either. The site was responsive, and we didn’t have any mis-bets, but we also didn’t see any live bets or casino games that the truly great sportsbooks have.

Once again I found myself questioning why I would want to play at a site that lacks some of the features that big sites like Bovada simply contain and do an awesome job of presenting.

I couldn’t find an answer to that question.

Bonuses That Miss The Mark

Okay, so Instant Action Sports has a crappy layout, crappy casino games, and a pretty average mobile site. That could all be overcome with some solid bonuses, right? Well maybe… if there were more than a few incentives to get you to stay around.

The entire promotional side of the site looks like this:

 Deposit $50-99, get 10% extra and $15 free play (with 3x rollover)
 Deposit $100-499, get 15% extra with $25 free play (5x rollover)
 Deposit $500-999, get 20% extra with $45 free play (7x rollover)
 Deposit $1,000 or more and get 25% extra with $60 free play (10x rollover)

There is also a birthday and referral bonus, but they aren’t anything special.

This is pretty disappointing, and doesn’t compare with a lot of other sportsbooks, who are excelling in the promotions department and seeing their customer bases growing as a result. I have to say that the lack of bonuses doesn’t surprise me, as it appears that Instant Action Sports is going the cheap route in trying to attract players.

Limited Banking Options (Are You Surprised?)

It should come as no surprise to you that the banking system at Instant Action Sports is limited to just a few methods. I found myself able to deposit via Visa, PaysafeCard, and Bank Wire. I decided to try the Visa method, and our deposit was actually processed through relatively smoothly.

I can’t really comment on the withdrawal system as we didn’t win enough to pull a check or bank wire from Instant Action Sports. What I can tell you is that the book charges $65 for a check no matter what. That is pretty steep, considering that sites like Bovada give you a free check every 30 days… but I digress.

Other withdrawal methods such as bank wire advertise a 15 day processing time, and we really wouldn’t trust these guys to move a MoneyGram any faster. We have learned that sites that have something fishy about them just shouldn’t be trusted to process anything quickly. That is definitely the case at Instant Action Sports.

One good thing about this site’s backend is the customer service team, who sadly have to answer for all of the site’s shortcomings. I found that the team was friendly and helpful, and frankly quite apologetic for the complaints that we have. It is not their fault that this place is so haggard, and I made sure not to hold this against them in my dealings.

I would have to say that the assistance I got here was probably the best feature of Instant Action Sports.

Overall: STAY OUT!

While I can’t say that Instant Action Sports will rip you off, the lack of anything dynamic here should be enough to scare you away. Sites like these look like they are just doing their paces, waiting to be taken offline. The sports section is awful, the casino is lacking, and the bonuses being offered are nothing special. Mix that in with a limited banking system, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Stay away from this book in lieu of a site that will actually do a decent job of entertaining you.

Rating: D

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