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Although Gtbets are one of the new kids in town, they've quickly gained a reputation as a straight shooting betting site with fast payments and grade A customer support.

Boasting some sick bonuses for NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL bettors, Gtbets are a book who have a bright future in front of them and one I plan to use for the foreseeable future.

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GTBets Review

There really aren’t a lot of sportsbooks that we haven’t heard about here in our review offices. We are so regularly tasked with reviewing sites, that we often come across a name of a book in passing or when we have to undertake a review.

Thus it was no surprise when we ended up being given the review for Curacao based GTBets, a site that has come into the industry and built up a reputation with players throughout the world. While we had heard about the site extensively in the past, we have to admit that we never actually had registered an account and dropped some money in on our own.

This review became one of the rare ones where we went in completely fresh, with no real expectations which is actually kind of nice. So how did GTBets perform?

Read on to find out.

Simple On The Outside, But So Deep Inside

When we arrived on GTBets’ website, we were kind of taken aback with just how simple the site looked. Laid out in a blue and orange hue, GTBets jumps off from the all to often seen black and red type theme, and decides to go in a new direction.

At first glance the whole operation looked too simple to be a reputable sportsbook. The site is not overfilled with promotional boxes and the menus are compacted down to the point where we originally thought that many features that we see in other sportsbooks were missing.

Fortunately, GTBets is so much deeper than it lets on. The site has a compacted menu that really serves nice in terms of functions. Each sport is divided into sub-categories that we really appreciated. The menu system is a revelation, and provides us with something that even we haven’t really seen before.

Sports offered for action at GTBets include: MLB, NFL, College Football, Canadian Football, NBA, College Basketball, WNBA, NHL, Soccer, Cycling, Tennis, and Auto Racing.

While it is always fun to see entertainment bets included, it isn’t a deal breaker that GTBets lacks them. One thing that we really enjoyed was the live betting system, which we feel is is really well done, although we wish that more events offered live action as we only saw one or two being offered during our visits there.

For those looking for other action than sports betting, GTBets offers casino games and horse racing action as well.

We found the casino to be decent, although certainly nothing all that special. Table games are present and work smoothly enough, and slot games are also around, but nothing truly popped out at us to draw us away from the sports betting area. Maybe a live dealer solution in the future would change this.

Stand Out Mobile

The mobile solution offered by GTBets is another well crafted product offered by the betting firm. Unlike so many other sites who don’t seem to care about their mobile experience, GTBets has really done a nice job of making their software attractive to the eyes, easy for the fingers, and fluid.

Besides the excellent sports section of the mobile site, GTBets offers a solid mobile casino, complete with the BetSoft slots that it offers in its desktop site.

We really enjoyed our time with this mobile site, and we feel that it is definitely one of the better mobile betting solutions that we have seen. You should definitely consider GTBets if you are thinking about gaming on the go.

Now That’s What I Call A Bonus!

Bonuses at GTBets are another area where they stand out above the competition. As Gtbets are a book that markets to casual players like myself, they know one of the things that draw people in are generous bonuses. And because of this, Gtbets have come up with one of the best bonus packages available to US bettors.

There are 2 bonuses available depending on the amount you deposit, up to a max of $500. However, where they really shine is in the bonus terms. Most US sportsbooks have a rollover requirement of 10x+. However, Gtbets is a mere 5x. In all my time betting online I’m yet to find a US book with as low a rollover requirement.

Reload bonuses aren’t quite as generous, but are overall still pretty friendly toward the punter. I did appreciate the casino and horse rebates as well, but seeing as how my focus is primarily sports, I did not take advantage of them.

Another sweet feature at Gtbets is they give you free points or half points for your favorite team. If a spread is +6 but your team is playing, you can get a +6.5 line. Most books actually charge players to buy points, so this is another huge plus.

Limited Banking, But Solid Service

Banking at GTBets is a bit limited, but seeing as how the site is US friendly, we can understand it to an extent. Deposit methods accepted at GTBets include: Visa, MasterCard, Direct Cash, and Quick Cash. The first two options carry no fees, while the latter two have fees unless you deposit $200 or more.

My credit card deposit was accepted immediately and my sign up bonus activated right away.

Withdrawal methods accepted by GTBets include: Bank Wire, Direct Cash, and Quick Cash.

Gtbets withdraw fees are around about the industry standard. Bank wires carry a $60 fee, while Direct Cash and Quick Cash have $50 fees or 8% of the requested amount. This is a bit steep, but it’s the same across all US books.

Service wise, I found myself having a great experience at GTBets. I contacted the support team via instant message to inquire about a deposit method, and quickly had my question answered and was back on my way. The team is friendly, and I don’t think you will have any issues getting help here.

Those who don’t want to use instant message can get help through telephone or email, although the email option is considerably slower than the telephone or IM.

Gtbets – A Winning Choice

Overall I feel that GTBets is a top notch sportsbook that is among the upper echelons of US facing betting sites. With awesome bonuses, easy banking and an insane number of seasonal promotions targeted at US sports bettors, it’s hard to find a better option right now in the US market.

Overall: A-

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Why We Love Em

  • High end mobile site
  • Free bets throughout the year
  • Low rollover on bonuses
  • Fast acting, no BS customer service
  • Limit winning bettors quite quickly

Why We Hate Em

  • High fees on payouts