Using MasterCard at Online Sportsbooks

mastercardWhile MasterCard has not been as popular as VISA cards for online gambling deposits, the card has recently been popping as a deposit option at many US-facing online sportsbooks. MasterCard still has a much lower success rate compared to VISA, but is equally convenient to bettors as nearly everyone has one, the other, or both in their wallet.

Basics of Depositing with MasterCard

As I mentioned in my article on US sportsbooks that accept VISA, there is little difference between buying a product online with your MasterCard versus loading up your funds with your card at an online sportsbook. If MasterCard is an available option, it will be listed under the deposit page.

Most sportsbooks do not have MasterCard as a deposit choice, but some may offer it. It should be listed under MasterCard under a sportsbook’s deposit menu, but may be listed under credit card deposit. It is rare that a sportsbook, or any US market focused gambling site accepts any other cards than VISA or MasterCard. There may be a rare occasion that bettors will be able to deposit via Discover Card or American Express, but these options are few and far between.

It is the same old story when depositing with MasterCard as it is with any other card company. Bettors must put in all the appropriate card information, including the name on the card and the 3 digit CVV code on the back of the card. If the card is approved, the funds will be available instantly in your sportsbook account.

Advantages of Depositing with MasterCard

The reasons for depositing with MasterCard or any credit and debit card are clear. MasterCard is usually cost effective or free to use and is instant. Bettors can be in the action within a matter of minutes by just reaching into their wallet.

Other deposit options can come with hefty fees and can take several hours, days, or even weeks depending on the method and preferred sportsbook. The sportsbook is charged a fee when you deposit via MasterCard, but most will cover that cost rather than force the fees onto bettors. In fact, there is rarely a fee for depositing via credit card of any type.

What to do if your Card is Declined?

Occasionally your Mastercard deposit will be declined. While this might be off-putting to some, it doesn’t necessarily mean your card cannot be used. Bettors should not give up hope that their card will work because it was declined on the first attempted transaction.

Online sportsbooks use a number of different payment processors to process credit card transactions. If your card is declined the first thing to do is contact customer support. They will often be able to run your card through a different processor manually. Calling your bank or credit card company may also do the trick. They may have declined the charge due to the transaction being unfamiliar or because it was an international transaction. A quick call may get the charge cleared. Of course, be careful not to mention online gambling.

Is it Possible to Withdrawal to Mastercard?

Outside of the USA, it is quite common to cash out from a betting site back to your debit or credit card. However, due to the complicated nature of credit card processing in the US betting industry, sportsbooks do not offer withdrawals via credit card. This is true for all credit cards regardless of whether you use AMEX, MasterCard or VISA or any other type of card. Most withdrawal methods are a lot faster and more practical.

For security purposes, it is standard practice for sportsbooks to ask bettors to send in a copy of the back and front of their credit card before they can withdraw. This can be done by simply scanning the card and sending the files to support.

An Easy Deposit Option for Anyone in the USA

Like any credit or debit card, MasterCard is available to millions of Americans across the country. While the success rate is lower than most VISA cards, the convenience and ability to deposit instantly still makes it a strong choice for depositing online. It just may not be available at all shops.