Book Maker 9/10 Established: 1996 License: Costa Rica Bonus: 15% Cashouts: 5 Days Limits: Very high

Book Maker

Bookmaker are about as safe a sportsbook as you will find anywhere in the world. They have a flawless track record in the betting industry and are held in high regard by every single person who knows sports betting.

Not only do they set the opening lines for most US sports, they also accept the largest wagers of any US facing sportsbook. A++

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9/10 Review

The world of offshore sports books is littered with a bevy of operators who are out for a quick buck. This penny wise, pound foolish approach has been the bane of the sports betting industry’s existence for quite some time as it perpetuates the stereotype that online books are scams and not worth your time.

However, in the face of all the negativity associated with those books, there are some sites that definitely stand above the rest. Places such as 5Dimes and BetDSI come to mind when we think of outstanding sites that operates out of San Jose or a similar Costa Rican city.

We are happy to report that after getting the opportunity to take an in depth look at that we can report another quality Costa Rican sports book does indeed exist. Why does it do so well where so many other sites have stumbled? Read on to find out.

Not your average book

Like we said before, a lot of riff is based in Costa Rica. There are sites regularly accused of sharking players, not paying them, or threatening them when they want the money that is legitimately theirs.

Bookmaker evades these pitfalls by offering a professional website that obviously took some work to get together.

We also were impressed by the wide variety of features that Bookmaker had to offer, as the site’s sports book is augmented with a casino, racebook, mobile site, and poker room. These features aren’t just some sort of last minute add on either; each product stands on its own as a legitimate online betting product, and if we were attracted more to those games we wouldn’t hesitate to visit Bookmaker to partake in them more often.

But alas, the true worth of any online sports book is its actual sports betting section. We ended up navigating here first, and really spent some time investigating the ins and outs of Bookmaker, comparing and contrasting it against its competition.

The actual sports betting product at Bookmaker is very deep, with bets of all sorts being taken at any given minute. We found action being taken on the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, World Soccer Leagues, Tennis, Racing, Boxing, MMA, Entertainment, and various other props.

We were really big fans of the lines over at Bookmaker, and found that they are very competitive with other books’ lines. When we were shopping odds for events, we often times found ourselves coming to Bookmaker, as they either had the best lines or offered us a promotion that more than made up for whatever little difference we saw at other sites.

In fact, Bookmaker are well known in the betting world as they are often the first sportsbook to release lines. It is said that many other books use the Bookmaker opening lines in order to set their own odds.

One word of warning about them – while they often have the best odds available, the one place they are lacking is baseball. Here they charge 20cent lines, which in this day and age is daylight robbery. If you regularly bet baseball, make sure you have a second betting account elsewhere, as making all your bets with Bookmaker will cost you a small fortune over the course of a season.

Small, but plentiful bonuses!

Bookmaker offers up some really genuine bonuses to its customers, including a 15% bonus on all book deposits, 100% match on casino, rake back and more. The site is genuinely good at offering out extras to its players, and while it may not match the absurd match levels of other firms, Bookmaker more than makes up for this with their awesome lines and cash back program.

It may not be the highlight of the site, but Boomaker’s bonuses certainly don’t hold it back, either.

Merry Mobile!

In stark contrast to the vast majority of Latin America based sports books, we found ourselves very happy with Bookmaker’s mobile offering. The layout is easy to navigate, and the features match any online book’s mobile offering that we have experienced in the past.

We were thrilled to see mobile live bets, and the lines were so easy to see and touch that we never had an issue with mis-bets; a common occurrence on other mobile pages.

Bookmaker’s tablet site is just as good as its smartphone offering, as our iPad easily handled everything that the site threw at it.

This site has become our go-to product for mobile sports betting. It is that good.

The Rolls Royce of customer service and banking

Serving American punters is a tough deal. Sites that cater to oppressed regions like the States have their funding options often cut down due to federal regulations.

Even with these restrictions in place, Bookmaker somehow offers a staggering amount of deposit options for punters. At the time of this review the accepted deposit methods were: Visa, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, iPoint, P2P, Western Union, Money Gram, Neteller, Moneybookers, Click 2 Pay, ECO, Click and Buy, PaySafe Card, and Bank Wires. Of course for those of us in America, only credit cards and wires are available as the other options are for Bookmaker’s “rest of world” customers.

No matter how you slice it, that is a LOT of banking options for any sportsbook. We were very impressed with what we saw in Bookmaker’s banking department.

Withdrawals fared almost as well, with accepted methods being: Bank Draft, P2P, Neteller, Moneybookers, ECO, and Click2Pay. I waited 12 business days for a cashout from my account to arrive at my home. A friend in Canada who uses Moneybookers told me ewallet payouts are processed in 24-48 hours.

Needless to say, we were very impressed.

None of those great banking options would be possible if Bookmaker’s customer support team weren’t on their game, working for the players. We found that everybody we dealt with at Bookmaker to be pleasant and eager to please.

We ended up contacting a rep through the site’s email and instant messenger, and found that responses came much faster than a lot of similar books. Answers were always concise, and we even got a bonus upgrade… just for asking!


All in all, Bookmaker is one of the best sports betting sites still taking American bettors. The high production value of the site is evident, and the great betting lines and other products help put this site high on our list of quality sportsbooks.

If you are looking for a great site with an excellent mobile layout, is your place.

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Why We Love Em

  • Massive betting limits
  • Early lines for US sports
  • Highly reputable and respected company
  • Poker and casino also available
  • Excellent credit card processing

Why We Hate Em

  • Poor value for baseball bettors
  • Withdraws are a little bit pricy