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BetUSA are at the top of the list of the US friendly Jazette sportsbooks. They are a favorite book of many bettors in the United States.

While their mobile site and bonus deals may not set the world alight, they are safe, pay on time and offer good support, things which cannot be said for many other sites that take US customers.

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9/10 Review

When you look at the front page of various websites, their jaded past often eludes you. This is definitely the case with BetUSA, whose nice exterior covers up a history of shady dealings, player thefts and other bad experiences. The site has done some serious work in the past six years, bringing it out from the depths of the sewer and turning itself into a respectable player in the Latin American sportsbetting world.

Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Is it improved over what it once was? Yes, absolutely. Would I put my own hard earned cash there? Probably not.

Site-ly Upgrades

I will be the first to admit it: I was once a victim of the horribleness that was BetUSA in the past. I ended up winning some money on a baseball bet, only to never actually see that money come back to me. I was very upset by this, and it almost threw me off of wanting to bet online ever again.

Thankfully things have changed for the better, and the site itself even reflects these changes. Things just look a lot better in whole at BetUSA, and we can tell that extra effort went into getting away from the past problems that plagued the site.

The betting system is very good, and we found no shortage of action in which to participate. We found the following sports available for betting while spending time at BetUSA: Baseball, Football, Tennis, Socer, Golf, MMA, Boxing, Hockey, baseball, Auto Racing, and Horse Racing.

Bet types available were: Win/Loss, Parlay, Straight, If/Or Bets, and while there isn’t a whole ton of variety here, the fact that it works as well as it does is a testament to the good system that BetUSA has.

One small gripe that we did have with the betting system was the table like views within. Using an Apple Magic Mouse gave us some real issues with scrolling through the site. Thinking this was just isolated to the mouse, we went on a trackpad and had the same issue. Although it is not a game changer, the table like setup was a bit of an annoyance that could be fixed by the BetUSA team.

Those looking for action outside of the sportsbook will take solace in knowing that BetUSA has a functional casino and poker room. We love it when a book has good secondary betting options, and a good poker room and casino really helps us stick around longer. The poker room is good and works through a downloadable client.

The casino features BetSoft slots and some table games that are by a developer that I didn’t notice. The games were fun though, and much better than what 90% of Latin American books are pushing off as being fun.

Good Golly, What An Ugly Mobile Product You Have!

While it may seem like we are just heaping praise on BetUSA, we do have to say that the ugly is definitely here too, mainly in the mobile product that the firm has cobbled together. We hate the ugly blue layout, and we found our fingers fumbling around on the buttons.

The lines were decent and matched up with what we saw online, but overall it was just an ugly time, and we really didn’t want to spend more time on the mobile platform than we needed to.

Bonuses, The Other Ugly Sister

The ugliness continues to the bonuses and promotions at BetUSA. We went to the site in search of the nice initial deposit bonus. We sadly came into the book with a paltry 20% match. While this is decent for reloads, we really did not like seeing this being offered for the initial deposit.

If anyone from BetUSA is reading this, I have something to say to them. Come on, guys. The sportsbetting world is crammed with books, and you really need to do better than what you are doing. You are better than this. Act like it.

Getting Pretty Again: Banking and Customer Service

We could only take so much ugliness before we were on the prowl for a redeeming factor on BetUSA. Salvation was available on the backend of the system, as we found ourselves in love with the site’s banking and customer service.

As someone who was previously jilted by BetUSA, I was admittedly leery of putting my money back into the site that ripped me off once.

Seeing as how the site services Americans, we had some pretty limited deposit and withdrawal options. We were able to put money in with our Visa. Other methods available to non-Americans include Skrill, and Neteller for existing customers. Bank Wires and other methods are reportedly available as well.

Putting money in was easy, and our deposit was credited right away. After playing for a few nights, I was up about $100 and decided to try a low limit withdrawal, just to see if I would get my money back. After I had my ID cleared, I waited three business days to get money deposited to my Neteller account. Not too bad, but also not the fastest either. Note: I’m currently spending some time in Canada, hence why i can use Neteller.

The fact that I got paid at all is a testament to the turnaround these guys have done. When I saw the money I was very happy, and I almost forgot about how I was ripped off so many years ago.


Customer service is another bright spot here. We liked the conversation we had on the telephone with support regarding the lack of bonuses. Even though we were complaining, the help was friendly and supportive. We honestly believe that they will be passing along our complaints and trying to get things turned around.


Overall I feel like BetUSA has turned around for the better. I have seen a lot of improvements over the past six years and may at some point in the future put more money on their site. However, they still have a long way to go. I can’t deal with the ugliness that is their mobile product and the lack of decent bonuses is another black spot for this book.

However, the nail in the coffin for me is the fact these guys are closely tied to Jazette Enterprises. All the Jazette sportsbooks are known for scamming, slow-paying, stealing, and other rogue behavior. While BetUSA have obviously made huge improvements, I still wouldn’t trust them with my money. They’ve done wrong in the past and like any other criminal in my mind they must first go through a probation period to prove to the world that they really have changed their ways.

Overall: D+

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Why We Love Em

  • Clean, well designed website
  • Odds on all the top sports
  • Fully equipped online poker room
  • Plenty of in play betting options
  • Fast, relaiable payouts

Why We Hate Em

  • Smaller bonuses