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Bet Phoenix

BetPhoenix is a decent sportsbook that caters for recreational players. If you're a pro/sharp bettor, I recommend looking elsewhere as your limits will be quickly slashed here.

They are a fine choice for casual bettors, but if you're a high stakes gambler or regularly win large amounts, then there are better choices out there.

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BetPhoenix Review

Throughout the years Costa Rica based sportsbook BetPhoenix has been met with a bit of a checkered history. The site launched and built a steady reputation as being an overall pretty decent sportsbook, but recently has seen a bit of a dip in its reputation for slow player payments. Honestly, I had never played here, as I wanted to just stick to reliable sites such as 5Dimes or Bovada.

However, when I was given the opportunity to take a look at BetPhoenix I decided that it was time for me to see exactly what was up here and whether or not this site was deserving of the bad press it had gotten for slow payments.

How did it go? Read on to find out.

Better Than Its Sister Sites

I approached BetPhoenix with a hint of caution, knowing that it likely wouldn’t knock my socks off and would likely be somewhat reminiscent of its sister book BetMania. I have to say though that I was greatly impressed with the overall look and feel of the site, and the color scheme was regal and easy on my eyes (a big factor as I often get the computer screen strain which bugs me).

I really quite enjoyed the sports betting layout here, and I actually noticed a few operational differences between BetPhoenix and BetMania, which was kind of refreshing. Sports action being offered on BetPhoenix included: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, MMA, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Cricket, and Prop Bets.

The bet types available included: Straight Bets, Reverse Bets, Parlays, Moneylines, If Bets, Props/Futures, Buying Points, and Round Robins. That is a pretty solid staple of bets for us to see for a book, and the easy to use web based wagering system made it really a simple process to put multiple bets up on baseball.

I ended up hitting a nice parlay while playing at BetPhoenix and was quite excited to see just how the book would do at paying it out (but that is a story for a later portion of this review).

Those looking for casino games will find a mixed bag at BetPhoenix. I really enjoyed the live dealer product, which is the same as a lot of other Latin American books, but felt pretty let down by the standard casino which looked dated and really wasn’t all that attention-grabbing.

Those interested in betting on the ponies will find a pretty nice race book here. While I myself don’t care for it, the horse racing section seems quite in depth and offers some good action from sites with a wide geographic range. It is definitely a good distraction if you need time away from the actual sports section.

A Wide Selection of Bonuses

BetPhoenix offers its players an enjoyable mix of bonuses. I quite liked that there are quite a few similar offers that vary just enough to suit players of different tastes. You can, for example, grab a 175% free-play bonus, 100% free-play bonus, or 50% free-play bonus, all with different rollover requirements. There are also match bonuses, casino and live casino promotions, and even a substantial cashback opportunity.

I do recommend that you very carefully read the T&Cs  specific to each offer you click on. There are a few caveats for most of these promotions – many of them are only available to America, or wherever otherwise authorized (which means that you could potentially check about the availability of certain bonuses if you’re not playing from the US). There are also relatively high minimum deposits for some of these promotions, with many of them requiring a $300 deposit for eligibility. If you’re not much of a high-roller, you can still enjoy some of the promotions here, like the 50% free-play bonus for a minimum deposit of $150.

To BetPhoenix’s credit, the rollover here is quite low, ranging from 5x to 18x depending on the promotion.

Muddled Mobile Options

While not as big of a travesty as its bonus problems, I really was disappointed by BetPhoenix’s mobile platform. If you have played at BetMania, you will recognize this mobile platform; it is identical to the other site, save for the logo on the front.

I felt that that the mobile site was unresponsive and felt a lot clunkier and difficult to use compared to their regular website. While it’s always nice to have a mobile betting option, BetPhoneix need to do some serious work to get their software up to the high levels offered by the likes of my favorite mobile sportsbook BetOnline.ag

The Cashier: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

I somewhat knew what to expect with the cashier – that was somewhat limited deposit and withdrawal options with high fees.

This was indeed the case with withdrawals, but deposits had lower limits (save for checks and bank wires, which required a $1,000 minimum deposit). More  standard deposit options included Visa or Person to Person. However, BetPhoenix also accepts payments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin that can be easily used by US and Non-US players alike.

I ended up using my Visa card to make my deposit and found that credit was instantly applied. The real challenge came when I wanted to cash out the spoils from my winning parlay. How did it go?

Well, I didn’t quite have $1,000 in winnings to claim, so that meant that I couldn’t get a check mailed to me. I didn’t have a Skrill account, so that was out… my only other option was a Person to Person transfer, which incurred a $70 fee and got me an $800 transfer.

BetPhoenix’s speed was quite good – I got my money within 48 hours. It’s refreshing to see sports books that are dedicated to giving players their money within a reasonable time.  Some bad sites hold players up for months or simply don’t pay. Thankfully BetPhoenix isn’t like that.

Customer service was pretty darned good too, and I can base that analysis off of multiple interactions with the staff. While inquiring about my money, I found the staff to always be engaging and friendly. They always addressed me politely and I can honestly say that I would be happy to have people this good working on a lot of other books that I have played at.

Service is definitely a highlight here. Good work, guys!


Overall I feel like BetPhoenix does a pretty good job of offering a nice sportsbook. The sports selection is very solid and is backed up by great service, cashout speed and bonuses.  I will give the mobile a pass this time, but it does need to be improved going forward. All in all, this is a great site for US punters, but might not be most convenient for European players who aren’t into cryptocurrencies.

Rating: B-

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Why We Love Em

  • Easy to use, responsive website
  • Top notch customer service
  • Take US Visa cards

Why We Hate Em

  • Slow at paying out large balances
  • Poor mobile site