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For sports betting in the USA, there are few if any better choices than 5Dimes. Not only are they one of the safets places to bet, but they also offer the best odds on US sports.

With loads of betting options, low VIG lines and a long history of paying players, 5Dimes are undoubtedly one of the top few online sprots betting websites.

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5Dimes Review

When it comes to online sportsbooks it seems that you either have champs or chumps. There are sites that are at the top of their games, and others who struggle at the bottom, the gutter of the industry if you will. Unfortunately, a lot of books that take US customers fall into the latter category and it really shows.

Thankfully 5Dimes is one of those sites that breaks the chains.

A Great Site With a Long History

Established back when Bill Clinton was President of the United States, 5Dimes has become a veteran in the online gambling world. The site has built itself a reputation for offering some of the most extensive wager types in the industry. While they are based in San Jose, Costa Rica, 5Dimes offers betting types and lines that are competitive with European betting staples such as Bet Victor, Ladbrokes, and William Hill.

Geographically Diverse

That puts 5Dimes into a pretty good realm in terms of just what they offer, but here is where a site like 5Dimes pulls ahead a bit: They aren’t limited by the number of markets that they service. While European sites like Ladbrokes are limited as to where they can offer betting services, 5Dimes offers betting services to almost anybody that wants to play.

That includes markets like the United States, where sportsbetting is limited to just one state and forbidden in the other 49. 5Dimes’ sportsbook is not just limited to the US though; if you want to play there, you can do it. There are no restrictions on players at 5Dimes, and that is a good thing.

Many Bets, Many Sports

As noted above, 5Dimes offers a wide variety of sports bets in addition to a wide variety of bet types. Sports covered at 5Dimes include: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Golf, Boxing, MMA, Rugby, Cycling and Props.

Different bet types offered include: Bet the Board, Straight, Parlay, Teaser Bets, If Bets, Action Reverses, Future Bets, Office Pool Bets, and Review Bets.

I found that the action there was great, and had a lot of fun shopping the lines against other betting sites. And guess what? Often times 5Dimes had the best lines and ended up winning my action for the particular event I was looking at.

The one thing that I could nitpick 5Dimes for is its simplistic design. The site does not have the bells and whistles of its European competition, and it definitely shows. This complaint does not effect the actual quality of the bets or customer service, but it does take away from the user experience a bit.

Overall though, 5Dimes’ meat and potatoes of the site (the betting) is solid as a rock and players throughout the world are missing out if they don’t check it out.

Mediocre Mobile

My complaints about the site design also extend to 5Dimes’ mobile site, which sees another simple design that really does nothing to draw in our time. When looking at a mobile site, we are often rushed and want an easy to navigate, colorful experience that will keep us coming back.

5Dimes’ mobile design does not meet this criteria, as the bet selections were hard to pin down, and I was just trying to place a bet as quickly as possible without wanting to spend more time there. I can honestly say that this is the low point of the 5Dimes experience and that I would only recommend using it if you forget to place a bet on your PC.

Big Bonuses, Better Banking, and Excellent Customer Service

While they change on a day to day basis, the bonus system at 5Dimes is superb. On the sports side of things, 5Dimes offers some excellent match bonuses (up to 50%), with another big match bonus hitting the casino side of things.

I am always looking for a deal, and 5Dimes’ ability to shuffle in new promotions kept me coming back. I was regularly treated to Reduced Juice, Cash Back, and a variety of other promotions that really reward a player for coming back. It is moves like these that established 5Dimes in the .com boom of the late 90’s and allowed it to stick around when so many others flamed out.

The banking system at 5Dimes is also very good to bettors throughout the world. US players can choose from a number of different options that includes credit cards, Bitcoin and Person to Person Transfers.

Deposits are handled instantly in terms of credit cards, and in a very reasonable time frame if you are doing person to person or wire transfers.

Payouts are handled in a very timely manner, as I was able to get my wire transfer filed and covered within 24 hours of being requested. These are insanely quick speeds, and I couldn’t be more happy with the financial system that 5Dimes offers.

Customer service at 5Dimes is even better than the banking system. When I did have issues, questions, or any other time that I did have to access the customer service system, I was very pleased at just how fast and friendly the customer service reps were. One time after voicing concerns about a particular line I was even treated to a free credit in my account; a great move on their part to help keep me betting on their site.


Get There. Now.

5Dimes Sportsbook is one of the finest online betting sites that I have ever seen. Period. That is not one of the finest sportsbetting sites serving the US market. I am talking the whole world. What it lacks in flash, 5Dimes makes up for in betting lines, customer service, banking, and promotions. Excelling in four out of five categories isn’t bad, and I can honestly call myself a regular player there now.

If you haven’t opened an account at 5Dimes yet, do so now and begin enjoying one of the finest sports betting experiences on the internet.

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Why We Love Em

  • Highly respected and trustworthy company
  • Best odds on most US sports
  • 5cent overnight lines for many games
  • Fastest withdraw times
  • High betting limites
  • Take pros and casual bettors

Why We Hate Em

  • Website could do with a new design